Frances Presley - Sallow

Frances Presley
"Sallow" continues a long sequence of poems about the languages of trees, halse for hazel (Shearsman, 2014). halse for hazel began on  the hills of Exmoor and sallow explores low lying, wetland areas, mapping political and environmental pressures.

Artwork by Irma Irsara and a poem by Harriet Tarlo.

‘I found her work a highly pleasant revelation, at once thoroughly alert and judged yet delightfully manic and farreaching in its wildness, risks and resultant freedoms’
David Morley, Poetry Review

‘Presley’s work sleights the relationship between landscape and language, each deploying (or deployed) as markers for the human eye.’
G. C. Waldrep, Kenyon Review

United Kingdom: £6.00

USA: $9.00