suddenly, it's now - Blossom Hibbert

suddenly, it's now
Blossom Hibbert
28 pages

This debut collection shows a young poet in love with language and prepared to go to whatever interesting places it takes her. The variousness of life, its strangeness and mystery, combined with a surreal and disjointed perception of the world are brought to us by a writer who has paid attention to language, writing and the imagination.

Blossom Hibbert is a new and invigorating voice, the archetypal “breath of fresh air” so often spoken of but so rarely encountered. These are very early days, but it’s a pleasure to be present at the beginning of what promises to be an interesting journey. One can tell there’s something special going on by the fact that although Hibbert is studying and training to be a vet there are no poems about animals anywhere to be seen.

Martin Stannard


United Kingdom - £7.00


USA - $12.00